One Piece Monkey.D.Luffy Cosplay

One Piece cosplay

Serise: One Piece (plot: Looking down on Boa)
Characters: Monkey.D.Luffy and Boa Hancock
Cosers: Amazon Lily( i am sorry that i don’t know any information about the coser of Boa)
Photographer: Raviels Black Rose (i am sorry that i just know the penname)
Photo Lightspot: the funny action of the coser Amazon Lily (interesting action which is the same as Luffy does in the plot)

My Comment: I am laughing when i see this interesting cosplay photo. The two cosers cosplay postures and facial expression are all so funny and let me think the One Piece plot: Looking down on Boa is just taken place in front of me. So if you and your friends want to cosplay one plot from one animation, the most important thing is: imitating some interesting or special actions of it. This will help you attract people’s attention.

My own Monkey.D.Luffy cosplay costume displaying (which you can get from M-Cosplay–, an online cosplay store):

One Piece cosplay costume

One Piece Monkey.D.Luffy 3rd Cosplay Costume



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